Founded in 2015 under Malaysian Institute of Accountants (MIA), NIZAM & CO. set out its journey with the purpose to help provide solutions to some of the problems among society in the field of accounting and business management.

Our Vision

“Becoming a leading firm in accounting and business services.”

Our Mision

  1. To provide business consulting services in accordance with the related Malaysian Standards and Acts.
  2. To be professional and ethical in delivering the best services to individual & corporate clients, and improving our services continuously.
  3. To offer the best value to the stakeholders.


We take pride that our firm was formed with one premise in mind, and that is to bring a degree of experience, dedication, and professionalism to the industry. NIZAM & CO. will work continuously to bring in new ideas, to give our clients the latest in services performance.


Our Core Values embody who we are as a Company, guide our decisions and inspire us.

Team Work

Sharing knowledge, ideas, opinions and problems whilst providing support to one another, internally and with clients, in working towards the greater goal.


Take ownership, adhering to deadlines, safeguarding clients’ information whilst diligently executing our duties in a professional manner.

Positive Attitudes

To be optimistic, pro-active when facing challenge and taking critism constructively whilst providing clients with a friendly service and to create a positive working environment.

Customer Satisfaction

Providing quality, effective and efficient client servicing to enhance customer relationships and maximize customer satisfaction.


Practicing two-way open communication with clients and maintaining high work ethics to better understand clients and to create a genuine and sincere relationship with clients.


Providing quality and value-added services to clients to ensure customer satisfaction


Creating an office environment where we enjoy working to maximize productivity.